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1 Hotel Reception,
Collins Vergnaud (CV), an exciting firm of
committed design professionals,
offers quality and service beyond what is
otherwise available.
Sharing a commitment to budgetary
appropriateness, cultural and
programmatic responsiveness and respon-
sible environmental policy, CV is a leader
in the production of desirable, world class,
high-return properties. CV has consolidated
in Sydney and continually expands its inter-
national clientele. Representation in New
York is established and since serving several
projects in the region, we are active in the
ME and India with offices in Bangkok.
CV limits its core, highly experienced per-
sonnel in order to ensure that its' reputation
for output of design of the highest quality
environments is maintained. High quality
work produced is exported to satellite of-
fices and our local representatives.
CV's international focus has
established efficient communication sys-
tems while time differences can enhance
turnaround periods.
Principals will service projects on site on a
monthly basis or as the project circumstanc-
es demand.
Collins and Vergnaud first collaborated while
working with renowned architect Kerry Hill
in Singapore (1995 1998), principally on
the ground-breaking Aman and Chedi Re-
sorts and Luxury Residences in the region.
Patrick and Isabelle have practised for 27
and 23 years respectively with some of the
Worlds Best Architecture and Design Prac-
tices in Sydney, Paris, London, New York, and
Singapore - all offering prime experience &
exposure to some of the best projects glo-
bally. CV has, in the last 11 years, designed
and completed an impressive
array of prestigious projects both locally and
bout C